Sunday, January 11, 2015

Install SouceCodePro to Windows 7

Spent an hour figuring out how to install the Source Code Pro Font ( without building from source for Windows 7 (should also work for Windows 8).  This is an open source software developer's Font which I had never heard of before reading IntelliJ IDEA Essentials.  I haven't started using it much, so I won't weigh in with my opinion yet, but I will document how to install it.

  1. Have git installed and available on your path
  2. Open up an command prompt window (CMD.exe or cygwin's Mintty.exe)
  3. Create a directory where you can clone the Source Code Pro project to and change directories into it
  4. Clone the repository branch with the following command 
    git clone -b release .
  5. Open a Window's explorer window to the folder where you checked out the project
  6. Change into the "TTF" directory
  7. Copy all of these files (*.ttf) files using Windows explorer to C:\Windows\Fonts\
Windows explorer will treat the copy as an installation and take care of the appropriate OS level associations for enabling the fonts.  

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