Monday, January 5, 2015

Case Study

I'm developing a case study to tackle in my personal time with a few personal development goals in mind.  I'm currently working using Java 6 which has been end-of-life'd and need to brush up on Java 7/8, Java EE 7, GlassFish, and I'd like to learn some about Android development as well as IntelliJ.  It is my hope to touch on all of these while tackling this case study.  In addition, I will be using my Amazon EC2 cloud instance to provide the services.  I'm also debating on purchasing an SSL cert to really drive the service home.

The case study I'm mulling over is putting together a simple list management server that allows cross-device sharing of the lists.  Think grocery list/checklist application.  I'm well aware there are a thousand out there, and some of them are perfect for what I need already, but I'm not doing it to re-invent the wheel.  I'm doing it to learn.  At this point, I can see using Java 8, with Java 7 EE, deployed on GlassFish, built using the IntelliJ IDE, on my Amazon EC2 instance.  It will touch on server security, GlassFish administration, data security, and then I will develop an Android application to provide the UI that the server's REST API supports.

I'm still designing it (both in my head and on paper) and figuring out what features I want to put into the service.  I'm also brushing up on what open source UML applications there are out there to support documenting the plan.  I'd like to be able to treat this as a professionally developed software for my resume and portfolio, with real "customer" requirements, requirement documentation, API documentation, and security.  Hopefully over the next few months I will have documented my approach on this blog, what I have learned, and then I will provide both the source code and answer any questions.

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